Becoming a Game Warden with a Wildlife Science Degree

A Wildlife Science Degree can prepare you very well to work effectively as a Game Warden. Wildlife science is a truly fascinating area to study.

Are you interested in a program that prepares you to follow your dream of becoming Game Warden by providing you with a solid understanding of the biological and ecological aspects of wildlife species and their management? One learns how to competently implement management tools and techniques to achieve desired goals based on solid principles.

Subjects Studied for the Wildlife Science Degree

A wildlife science degree program will include such topics as:

  • Plant ecology and diversity
  • Structure and function
  • Technical skills for wildlife science
  • Vertebrate diversity
  • Invertebrate diversity
  • Rangeland ecosystems
  • How to measure and manage vegetation

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Your Wildlife Science degree will provide you a firm foundation in biology and offer you a broad spectrum education that delves into the thorough management of wildlife resources. You will learn to conduct analyses of wildlife species and have a well-rounded education on the following important aspects:

  • the critical role of wildlife in our society
  • ecology
  • habitat manipulation
  • theories of climate change
  • endangered species
  • restoration and preservation of specific landscapes
  • human-wildlife conflict and harmony

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Online Game Warden Programs and Education

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Choose an area of study & concentration and receive free information about programs you are interested in. Federal and state game wardens are law enforcement officers and wildlife conservation specialists, so having a degree in an area like environmental science or wildlife management is just as important as experience in law enforcement.