How to Become a Conservation Officer in New Hampshire

Have you been searching for information on how to work as a Game Warden in New Hampshire? We have compiled some important information for you on your path to working as a Game Warden in New Hampshire, or as a New Hampshire Wildlife Officer. New Hampshire Game Warden requirements are detailed and must be closely followed. Our goal is to greatly assist you in the process of pursuing work as a Game Warden.

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Requirements to Become a Game Warden in New Hampshire

Age: 21 years old or older in the period of the announcement of the opportunity.

Permit: Candidates must keep a good/valid driving record, as well as a valid New Hampshire-issued driver’s license.

Military Service: Applicants that are former members of the USA military require ‘Under Honest States’ release documentation.

Work Qualifications: Applicants should be qualified to accept employment prior to the procedure improvements.

Legal and foundation History: The following are disqualifying variables which should be considered:

  • Convicted of a felony in another state, or New Hampshire
  • Convicted, and committed into a State institution
  • Unsuccessful urinalysis/drug testing before employment
  • Unsuccessful polygraph testing before employment
  • Signs of inferior moral decision-making

New Hampshire Game Warden Education Requirements

To become a game warden in New Hampshire you must have a GED or HS diploma. An Associate’s degree or two effective years as a police officer that is certified or in full-time military service are needed to finish the application.

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New Hampshire Game Warden Training

Training contains the following areas that are vital:

  • Criminal, civil, and court proceeding
  • Surroundings training that is unique
  • Best practices for policeman patrol and traffic direction
  • Firearms training
  • Trafficking enforcement
  • Added training that is unique

Interview: Nominees will usually have a face-to-face panel interview during the later phases of the application procedure to assess:

  • knowledge and abilities
  • judgment/abilities
  • critical thinking skills
  • maturity

Medical Condition: The applicant will be analyzed by an authorized doctor to make certain that they are in good health.

Hearing: The applicant must have hearing sufficient for the occupation, including directional, long distance and voice dialogue hearing.

Eyesight: Acuity of vision not less than 20/40 in each eye without correction, and corrected to each eye at 20/20, is needed. A regular perception of color is needed to perform the demands of the work.

Physical Preparation: The applicant must maintain sound physical condition and be skilled at swimming. Applicants must successfully complete each element of the physical preparation testing, to contain these facets that are significant:

  • Distance running that is timed
  • Water treading that is timed
  • Swimming that is timed and at length
  • Weighted drag and carry
  • Max cardio (to fail or time)

Mental Health: The applicant must maintain mental health that is proper to finish training and be eligible for hire.

Desirable Abilities and Qualifications to Become a New Hampshire Game Warden

  • Utilize various firearms efficiently and safely
  • Show an aptitude for composing reports and maintaining evidence, gathering data, and testifying in court
  • Capability to organize and to promote hunter education systems
  • Skilled at gathering and reporting advice on wildlife and fish and the states of their habitats
  • Readiness to professionally and enthusiastically represent the bureau at assemblies, New Hampshire schools, and interest groups
  • Efficiently operate and negotiate a vehicle in challenging environments
  • Power to utilize foundational mathematics skills, including complex arithmetic, payroll/accounts receivable, and approximation

New Hampshire Game Warden Requirements

New Hampshire Game Warden Salary

Game wardens in New Hampshire take home a great salary while pursuing a fulfilling career protecting fish and game of his or her state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average game warden in the state of New Hampshire makes a median salary between 40,000 and 60,000 per year.

Contact Info:

New Hampshire Fish and Game

11 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 271-3127

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