How to Become a Game Warden in Vermont

Have you been searching for information on how to become game warden in Vermont? We have compiled some important information for you on your path to working as a Vermont game warden. We want you to succeed on your path to working as a Vermont game warden.

Requirements to Become a Game Warden in Vermont

Age: 18 years old is the minimal condition in Vermont during the period of school entry.

Permit: Nominees must have a valid Vermont motor vehicle operator’s permit during the period of application.

Military Service: Applicants that are former members of the USA military require ‘Under Honest States’ release documentation.

Work Qualifications: Candidates must submit documents that substantiate eligibility and identity for U.S. opportunities for employment according to federal regulations.

Legal and foundation History: Disqualifying components may contain the following:

  • Revoked, or right to use a motor vehicle might not happen to be suspended, within 12 months of application
  • Convicted of a felony in another state or Vermont
  • Convicted of a crime of sexual or family violence
  • Unsuccessful drug testing

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Hearing: Nominees must possess normal hearing that contains hearing in noisy environments.

Eyesight: Nominees must have night vision and normal color perception.

Physical Preparation: The applicant must be physically sound and adept at swimming. Applicants must successfully complete each part of the physical preparation testing:

  • Running distances
  • Timed sit-ups
  • Timed push-ups

Mental Illness: Nominees should have proper mental health for the duties of the job.

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Desirable Abilities and Qualifications to Become a Vermont Game Warden

  • Required to properly identify and utilize various firearms
  • Capable of conducting patrols on horseback, boats, airplane, as well as other vehicles
  • Show an aptitude for composing reports, maintaining evidence, and testifying in court
  • Ability to market hunter education software
  • Skill to gather and report informative data on wildlife and fish and the states of their habitats
  • Efficiently operate a vehicle on challenging terrain
  • Capability to engage in work that is mechanical in orientation
  • Strong skills for English grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, and writing; including comprehension and reading
  • Capability to make use of foundational mathematics skills that include estimate, payroll/accounts receivable, and advanced arithmetic

Vermont Game Warden Requirements

Vermont Game Warden Salary

Game wardens in Vermont take home a great salary while pursuing a fulfilling career protecting fish and game of his or her state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average game warden in the state of Vermont make a median salary of $54,160 per year.

Contact Info:

Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department

1 National Life Drive, Davis 2
Montpelier, VT 05620-3702
Phone: (802) 828-1529

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Choose an area of study & concentration and receive free information about programs you are interested in. Federal and state game wardens are law enforcement officers and wildlife conservation specialists, so having a degree in an area like environmental science or wildlife management is just as important as experience in law enforcement.