Becoming a Game Warden with a Wildlife Ecology and Management Degree

game-warden-wildlife-ecologyA Wildlife Ecology and Management Degree (for Game Warden) will provide you a strong basis in basic science that includes biology and chemistry, while directing your attention to such important issues as management, restoration, and conservation of wildlife. A Wildlife Ecology and Management Degree can be a great education in order to work effectively as a Game Warden.

Wildlife ecology and management is the comprehensive study of animal populations and how they relate to land management decisions.

A wildlife ecology undergraduate degree will usually include the following important topics:

  • Vegetation of North America
  • Natural resource policy
  • Forest ecology
  • Field ornithology
  • Introduction to Genomics
  • Wildlife habitat
  • The natural resources professional
  • Field techniques
  • Introduction to biotechnology
  • Land measurements and GPS
  • Landscapes and ecosystems