Oklahoma Game Wardens Investigate Mysterious Duck Killings

Game wardens and law enforcement officials in Comanche County, Oklahoma, are investigating the puzzling appearance of dozens of dead ducks and geese by an Oklahoma lake. Authorities are now looking into the killings to find out who’s behind the odd deaths.

According to reports, Oklahoma game wardens discovered almost 100 dead ducks and geese by Lake Ellsworth just before Christmas.

Law enforcement officer Lt. Mike Carroll of Comanche County has a feeling that he knows who might have been behind the killings.

“I’m assuming it’s hunters,” Lt. Mike Carroll, Comanche County game warden, said. “When they get through for the day, they are cleaning their birds and then going home.”

Game wardens are investigating the case to find the person responsible because according to the law it is illegal to dispose of an animal carcass within a quarter-mile of a road, home, or body of water.

Carroll mentioned one case he had seen where an elk hunter was forced to pay a fine of $725 for leaving the carcass of an elk by the side of a nearby road.

Oklahoma game wardens just want to make sure that their wildlife is treated properly and the environment they are patrolling to be protected.

“Just do it right,” he said. “And once you take your game, take care of it properly and dispose of it properly.”