How to Become a Environmental Police Officer in Massachusetts


Are you interested in how to work as a Game Warden in Massachusetts? We have provided you helpful information here to assist you on your path to working as a Game Warden in Massachusetts, or Massachusetts Wildlife Officer. Massachusetts Game Warden requirements are specific and will need to be followed closely in order to achieve your goals.[asd_program_button /]

Eligibility Requirements for Massachusetts Game Warden

Age: 21 years old or older is needed during the period of appointment

Citizenship: Evidence of U.S. Citizenship or naturalization records are mandatory.

Permit: A valid Massachusetts-issued Course ‘D’ driver’s license is mandatory.

Military Service: A dismissal “Under Honorable States” is mandatory if previously an associate of any division of the USA military.

Work Qualifications: Candidates should be able to produce documentation that validates eligibility and identity for U.S. employment. Nominees will likely be subject to required drug screening.

Legal History: Applicants must pass a fingerprint Background check and polygraph to be able to proceed with the application procedure. That is to ensure that nominees don’t have the following in their own history:

  • Presently on court-ordered probation
  • Been convicted of a crime or a felony involving moral turpitude
  • Convicted of a felony violation
  • Been convicted of false statement or perjury

Academic Certificate: GED or H.S. Diploma is required. Applicants must have either a significant amount of experience or college credits in as many relevant fields as possible:

  • biology
  • environmental science
  • law enforcement
  • ecology
  • forestry
  • marine science

Two years instruction may be replaced for just one year of experience.

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Additional Requirements:

  • Civil service exam for Environmental Police Officer A&B
  • Successfully finishing YMCA program or an American Red Cross
  • Written evaluation managed by Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs
  • Police academy training approved by the Municipal Police Training Committee

Medical assessment: The nominee is likely to be assessed by a medical professional to ensure that she or he is in acceptable health.

Hearing: The applicant have to have the capacity to present great hearing with or without.

Eyesight: The applicant have color vision consistent using the requirements of the occupation, and must have great corrected or uncorrected binocular vision.

Physical Preparation Evaluation: The applicant must complete a physical preparation test showing which she or he has the capacity to finish operation as shown below:

  • Sit-ups
  • Extend and reach
  • Push-ups
  • Timed jogging
  • 100 yard swim via side stroke, breast stroke and freestyle

Mental Illness: The applicant must maintain appropriate mental well-being as assessed by the state.

  • Display effective utilization of English, including both oral and written formats.
  • Display effective usage of math, including data collection, basic bookkeeping, estimating, and advanced arithmetic.
  • Knowledge of wildlife management, law enforcement and habitat resources.
  • High moral character, truthfulness and exhibiting integrity.
  • Outstanding communication abilities; for example, aptitude to interact with members of the general public in a manner that is courteous.
  • Skill to work without oversight.
  • Commitment to Natural Resources.
  • Skilled at conforming to department policy and following along with the guidance of managers.
  • Capability to work as an associate of a team.

Salary Information for Game Warden in Massachusetts, or Massachusetts Wildlife Officer

Game Wardens in Massachusetts take home a great salary while pursuing a fulfilling career protecting fish and game of the state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average game warden in the state of Massachusetts makes a median salary of $45,810 per year.

Contact Info:

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

251 Causeway Street, Suite 101
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: (617) 626-1650

Schooling Information for Game Wardens in Masachusetts

  • M.S. in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement
Grand Canyon University
  • Criminal Justice, MA
  • Homeland Security, MA
Keiser University Graduate School
  • DEM - Emergency Management
Capella University
  • BS - Criminal Justice
Capella University
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice
  • B.S. in Human Services / Criminal Justice
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement
  • A.S. in Criminal Justice
  • B.S. in Emergency Management & Homeland Security
Post University Online
  • DBA - Criminal Justice
  • DBA - Homeland Security: Leadership & Policy
Northcentral University
  • MBA - Criminal Justice
  • MBA - Homeland Security
Northcentral University
  • MS in Criminology
  • BS in Criminology
Regis University- Online
  • Master of Science in Criminal/Social Justice
Lewis University - Online
  • BS in Cybersecurity - Information Assurance
  • BS in Cybersecurity - Cybercrime and Fraud Investigation
  • BS in Cybersecurity - Network Forensics and Intrusion Investigation
  • BS in Cybersecurity - Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • BS in Cybersecurity - Cyber Operations
  • Masters in Financial Crime and Compliance Management
  • MBA Economic Crime and Fraud Management
  • MS Cybersecurity - Intelligence
  • MS Cybersecurity - Computer Forensics
  • MS Cybersecurity - Cyber Operations
Utica College - Online
  • AA in Criminal Justice
  • BA in Criminal Justice
  • BA in Criminal Justice - Criminalistics Specialization
  • BA in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security Specialization
Saint Leo University - Online
  • AA in Criminal Justice
  • BA in Criminal Justice
  • BA in Criminal Justice - Criminalistics Specialization
  • BA in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security Specialization
Saint Leo University - Online